Investment Process

Every client is different. We recognise that individual clients’ needs may require different investment approaches to ensure the most suitable solution for each and every client, but our overall philosophy remains the same;

We take a top-down approach to portfolio construction and believe that a sound investment strategy starts with asset allocation. The allocation is designed around expectations for risk and returns and uses diversified investments to reduce volatility.

Studies have shown that the most important decision when constructing a portfolio is asset allocation. This means making sure the portfolio has the right mix of assets to suit your individual circumstances. The performance of different asset classes changes all the time, driven by changes in the overall economy, investor sentiment, or even investment fashions. Since it is difficult to forecast which asset class or classes will outperform over your investment timeline, it makes sense to hold a spread rather than trying to pick the next big thing.

Our investment philosophy is to ensure, where possible, that your portfolio can also benefit from a range of investment styles. Our belief is that if we pin too much hope on any one investment approach then your portfolio could be exposed to greater risk should that investment approach not be suited to economic conditions in the future.

We therefore blend funds from the following multi-asset investment strategies:

  • Traditional managed multi-asset funds
  • Fund of Funds or Manager of Manager funds
  • Long run passive multi-asset funds
  • Tactically asset-allocated passive funds

Managed Portfolio Services

Where suitable, we may give you access to diverse ready-made risk profiled investment portfolios. These are run by Discretionary Fund Managers and are aligned to your needs for income, or growth.

Bespoke Discretionary Investment Management

For clients with more complex needs and/or tax planning requirements we may appoint an Investment Manager to design a bespoke portfolio for your requirements. The investment partners we select work alongside us as part of our ongoing relationship with you. We help them to understand your needs and they help us fulfil your objectives and achieve your goals.


Finally, markets are unpredictable – costs are not. The lower your costs, the greater your share of an investment’s return. Funds and investments are selected for performance but also based on cost. To hold onto even more of your return, we select tax-efficient products and wrappers and manage for tax-efficiency.

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